Kia Debuted Concept NoVo: “It’s Time To Speak In Future’s Language!”

Kia didn’t choose to reveal its Novo concept at the 2015 New York Motor Show but instead at the Seoul Motor Show. It’s understandable since Korean people are well-known for their patriotism. And the absence of Kia and its Novo concept somehow made the New York Show this year not so superlative since this concept is incredibly awesome.

“Make it simple, but significant” — Don Draper. That’s exactly what Kia has done on this concept. Based on a modified Cerato platform, the Novo features a wider, more itself iteration of Kia’s “tiger nose” grille, flanked by slim laser-powered headlights and an aggressive underneath with wide air intakes. The clean and muscular body side is broken up by a sharp crease that runs off the shoreline of the clamshell bonnet, prominent rear haunches, aluminium side vents and impossibly slim aluminium wing mirrors. A steeply-raked windscreen combines with the contrast silver roof gives the car an unimaginably bold look.





Some comments have cited the familiarities between the tail lights on Novo concept and Audi A, but I personally don’t see any relation between them. In fact, I think the designers at Kia’s Namyang Centre in Korea have done a marvelous job in designing the slender yet aesthetic tail lights.




Inside of the car is the symphony of leather and aluminum, again. Behind the sporty three-spoke steering wheel sits an instrument cluster that puts up information through a three-dimensional hologram display. Clever tech on the concept also includes a “blind control” fingerprint touchpad mounted by the wheel that allows you to control various features without taking your eyes off the road.



Kia made it clear that the car won’t make production in this form. However, it would be a big mistake to not see the Novo concept drifting on the streets in the future.

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