TECH DRIVE July 2019 Issue COVER


As this is the first issue of magazine I would like to take a moment to lay out the grounding principles of what we believe and what we pledge to offer you the reader.

Technology is involved in every industry and every trade. The latest technology is simply the latest solution for both old and new challenges and is omnipresent.  Tech, represents the tools that businesses choose to use for their work. The choice of tools and methodologies highlight what a company’s core values are. It also raises many topics of discussion, such as, is kaizen truly boundaryless, how do businesses value each and every employee and what is being done to futureproof everything for the future? holds, at its core, the belief that all business no matter what industry must innovate to endure. Thinking outside the box is essential for evolution and there is nothing that evolves faster. The drive to innovate, to find new ways of approaching problems and discover solutions and the flexibility to implement them are essential to keeping ahead of the curve and competitors. These are also things that we are dedicated to not only highlighting in our pages but also fostering ourselves. 

TECHDRIVE has been a flourishing technology and innovation website for many years, always with a finger on the pulse we have provided our readers many cutting edge stories and enlightening features. Making full use of the latest technology provided by platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Magazine launches to an already established audience of well over 120,000 business readers across the world generating over 1,2 million impressions each month.

Business to Business by nature, Magazine is a resource for our readers, new and old, to uncover new ways of doing business, create new networks and contacts and to be inspired by the success of businesses in a range of industries.

Ultimately, we’re all in this together. Thank you for joining us.