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Tech-In-Transfer | This Is The Fastest Tool For File Transfer And Streaming Videos

To send or not to send? That is the question.

Have you ever questioned how many bytes of data are contained/transferred on the Internet today? Estimating that is a fairly difficult task, but there was an estimate not so long ago from a person who can probably be trusted to have a good idea. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, estimated the size at roughly 5 million terabytes of data. That’s over 5 billion gigabytes or 5 trillion megabytes of data.

The Internet is the ultimate giga-highway! And as countless freeways in this world, you have been stuck in traffic sometimes. You couldn’t even send a small file to another co-worker. And forget it if you wanted to upload a gigabyte-file onto Dropbox or Google Drive. A study and report by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute revealed that countries like Seoul, Hong Kong and Paris offer Internet speeds 10 times faster than what’s available in the majority of U.S cities. This is great news for those cities because everyone wants to be sending big files fast, don’t they?

While saving your files to the cloud is convenient and a good way to automate your backups, it has its disadvantages. Apparently, there might be a better solution for this need

Uncord, a new method for file transfer and streaming videos, was invented by young Taiwaneses who have the passion to change the way we share/transfer files and videos. The tool was presented at a small Meetup event in San Francisco last month and has been in Alpha testing. The file extension apk is packages that contain an application for Android. They have the same operation as the classic .exe files found in Windows. We click on them (from Android) and an application will be installed on your device. We can use the android application for the fastest video streaming.

“Uncord creates a peer-to-peer connection for our users, which means we don’t have a relay server to store the data that is sent out by users, therefore, it sets you free from data leaking. You are now able to send your files directly, instead of waiting for data uploading and downloading. In the future, we are also letting devices live stream videos/audios from devices to others, so users can watch their videos recorded by smartphones to TV/PC or tablets whenever they want”, said Wayne Hsu, Team Leader.

This short and simple video demonstrates how the tool works:

The team also provides APIs for different platforms to let other apps have the same magic like Uncord. For example, game developers can let their players speak to each other while gaming without buying a server for relaying those audios.

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