Flywheel: Why Pay Surging Prices This NYE?

If you dislike surge pricing and want to hail a ride from your smartphone on New Years Eve, Flywheel might be a decent option.

If you aren’t familiar with Flywheel, it’s a mobile application that’s acts as a simple, easy to use platform for booking a regular taxi cab. Users can track the progress of the approaching cab within the application and have the ability to pay for the ride as well as tip the driver through the application.

Getting to and from your New Year’s shindig can be an expensive hassle, even if you’re not driving: you’re either competing for a conventional (and thus costly) taxi or bracing yourself for the surge pricing of ridesharing services like Uber. Flywheel may have a relatively cheap solution for that night on the town, though. The app-based taxi service is running a promotion that charges you a flat $10 to get to or from your New Year’s party in Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco or Seattle. The only stipulations for this low fare are that you travel between 8PM and 3AM, and that your ride wouldn’t normally cost more than $50. You may not get from one end of the city to the other on the cheap, then, but the deal could save you from starting 2015 with a gigantic credit card bill.

Last New Year’s Eve people were charged up to seven times the normal rate by other services – not cool!” Flywheel wrote in a blog post. “This New Year’s Eve is all about the Benjamins (staying in your wallet).”

Source: Engadget