Tech-In-Protection| Never Get Shocked With This Smart Electric Outlet

Nothing is as dangerous as a kid’s curiosity. While you are busy making dinner, your kids keep running around, effortlessly discarding your house’s corners, and sometimes, playing with electric outlets. “What is it inside the tiny holes that make the vacuum machine run?” my little nephew asked me.

In fact, electricity-related accidents have sent more than 30,000 children to hospitals every year; and each day, nearly seven children are treated in a hospital due to injuries from tampering with an outlet. The 110-volt current is very dangerous for kids because it can pass through their blood and nerves, knock them unconscious, and even stop their hearts.

You might want to consult an expert electrician in this matter to check up on your outlet and inspect for further electrical problems in your house. I looked around my house and ended up finding an electrical supply near me because I realized I needed to improve or replace numerous electrical devices and outlets in my home. I have experience working with electrical supplies so I know what I’m doing. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’ve got no experience and you should just find an electrician that can just do this for you. Electrical safety is very important and should be respected, especially when there are children in the house.

Although you can put covers over outlets, it’s easy to forget to cover one of them in your house, or your kids can figure out how to remove them. Things usually happen when we are not prepared for them. Buying smart outlets is pretty easy to do once you’ve found one which is suitable for your home.

brio-safe-outlet-ces-2015-510pxFortunately, a California-based startup has invented the world’s safest, smartest and boldest outlet technology that will never shock you or your little beloved ones. Brio Safe outlet is a brilliant electrical outlet that can differentiate between a precious little finger and a plug that draws dangerous electric current. Once installed by someone similar to this electrician st kilda contractor, the Brio Safe outlet produces power only when it senses a need to deliver electricity to an appropriate device. How is it possible? Brio Safe outlets embedded a sensor that will recognize whether it’s a valid plug or an alien object. If it’s a plug, the outlet will then deliver a 24-volt current. Once the appliance is turned on, the power will be increased to 120 volts. Also, when there is no need of using electricity, the Brio Safe outlet turned off to zero volts.



brio-7-1280x853Brio outlets are installed the same way as traditional outlets. The developers are also in the process of creating another Brio Smart outlet, which will connect with a mobile app to provide alerts on floods, fires and carbon monoxide leaks in the house.

“A lot people have those sensing units out there, but unlike other sensing units, say you had a fire in the house and the place you have the sensing unit, the hub for it gets burned up. Then you don’t have any sensing or audible alerts. When combined with Brio Safe outlets, the Brio Smart system creates a safety net throughout the entire house,” said Jocelyn Painter representative for Brio Company.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe company is running a crowdfund campaign on Kickstarter, with the current pledge of nearly $46,000. Brio Safe OUtlets will sell at a retail price of $49 per unit, and Brio Smart outlets will hit the market at $99 per unit. Both will available in the spring of 2015. Click here to support their crowdfund.

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