Tech-In-Moment: Epic Great White Shark Photo Captured By A Teacher

Who dares to take a picture of a great white shark with its mouth wide open?

Amanda Brewer, an art teacher in New Jersey, assures us that she possesses no great skill as a photographer. But many aren’t convinced after seeing the vivid image Amanda captured recently from inside a shark-diving cage off South Africa, an image so stunning and life-like that it has taken the Internet by storm.

The image shows a great white shark looking as ferocious as a shark can look, with its jaws wide-open and fully extended, lunging after two fish heads tied to a rope. “Just on my Instagram page alone it has received more than 350,000 likes,” said Amanda.

The picture was captured by a GoPro camera that Amanda purchased just days before her trip to South Africa. “It was on a down day that I was able to dive in the cage without having to concentrate on work. I wore a mask but not scuba gear, as the cage was only partially submerged.”

Because of poor visibility, Amanda tried to keep her head close to sea level, occasionally looking down. “Suddenly, the shark came out of nowhere and just kind of lunged out of the water, and I just happened to have had my GoPro in the exact right place at the exact right time. It really was just luck.”

The picture, after that, has been going viral widely, and discussed so passionately.

“This photo has gotten so much recognition and most has been incredibly positive. Now, people are talking about the sharks. Now, we educate. That’s how you make a difference. If nothing else, we’ve gotten a few more shark warriors on board and we’ve explained our case to a few people who only two days ago didn’t care about it at all,” stated Amanda.

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