‘Stress’ Will Be Biggest Threat To Killing Uber Says Founder

On stage this morning at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Uber founder Travis Kalanick said that ‘the stress of it all’ will be the biggest killer and threat to the company’s future.

Tech journalist Michael Arrington, posed the question about Uber’s uncertain future and pointed out that even with all the revenue and investment Uber could still fail.

The company is under mounting pressure by city officials globally for violating laws,  car manufactures who are also increasingly getting annoyed that the car-sharing services means ultimately the production of less cars globally, and also competitors like Lyft and SideCar ankle biting for competition.

On top all all there’s the stress of customer service versus partner (driver) satisfaction. Travis joked that by killing the company, he meant the stress of it all will kill Travis himself, but there was a serious undertone and nervousness in his demeanour.