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BreakingSports, the sports app that delivers the fastest sports news and updates, is launching motorsports coverage for Indy and Formula 1.

BreakingSports, created by Sprylogics International Corp. is the sports news app that delivers quick, personalized alerts for a user’s favorite sports, teams, and players. With the Indy 500 and Monaco Grand Prix right around the corner, BreakingSports is launching lap-by-lap updates for motorsports fans by delivering alerts for Indy and Formula 1.

With BreakingSports, users receive timely push notifications of their favorite drivers and teams with social media sourced updates. The app utilizes specialized algorithms that tap Twitter, Reddit, Periscope, Meerkat, and news outlets for the latest sports updates and delivers them to users in fully automated real time.

Imagine knowing every turn, crash, and pit-stop before your favorite driver finishes a lap. Select your favorite team, and drivers, and you’ll receive the fastest updates. No more waiting for news outlets to report, motorsports news is now in the palm of your hand.

In addition to motorsports, users can follow teams and players from the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAAB. BreakingSports is free to download on iOS and Android, and is now available on the Apple Watch.

I had a chance to talk with Matt Burns, Director of Growth at Sprylogics.  Below are some things we discussed.

MF: Can you introduce us to your app, and explain what it does?

The BreakingSports app gets all you all the latest news, scores, and stats for your favorite leagues, teams and players with up-to-the-second alerts. Customize your feed and filters so you never miss a beat on the news that matters most.

MF: With so many sports apps out there already, why should users use the Breaking Sports app? What unique features does it provide?

Whether you’re a fantasy sports player or sports enthusiast BreakingSports finds info as it happens in real-time and notifies you before anyone else. In sports things happen quickly, so getting that information to fans as fast as possible is key. If you play fantasy or daily fantasy sports now you will have that edge that you need.

MF: How did the initial idea for the app evolve and were there changes/any pivots along the way in the early stages?

The initial idea for the app evolved through our customer discovery processs. As we got feedback and reviewed data from casual and power users alike, we fine-tuned our product roadmap to fit the needs of our customer segments and to continue improving the UX.

MF: Can you tell our audience more about your motorsports coverage? What can they expect?

Our motorsports coverage is very exciting for fans because things happen at hundreds of miles an hour, so speed is everything. Our app alerts you with all the information like lead changes, crashes, and everything else you would want as it happens in real-time

MF: What interests you about the travel/transport space?

High performance, high tech aspects of F1, Indycar, and Nascar such as real-time telemetry.

MF: How do you see artificial intelligence developing into the future?

AI is no longer some nerdy sci-fi concept anymore like in Star Wars, we use it every day without even realizing it. AI isn’t restricted to self-driving cars and autonomous robots, it’s used in calculators, Google Translate, and even anti-lock brakes in your car. The future of AI will not be robots eating the world, but more so advancements in computer vision, language understanding, and fundamental research in fields such as genetics and nanotechnology where computer based AI supplements our creativity.

MF: Describe your app using 3 words or less.

Lightning fast

Is there anything else you want our audience to know about your app?

It’s 100% free for iOS and Android and saves you the headache of getting news too late or having to find it on your own.

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