Sooall Next DNA Bike- Turn Your Calories Into Battery Power

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Charge your batteries while burning fat with Sooall’s exercise bike.


At the Inaugural CES Asia, Chinese firm Sooall unveiled an interesting spin on the exercise bike with the Next DNA eBike. The DNA reference might throw you off a bit, but if you’re thinking ‘eBike’ means electric, you’re not correct. This bike doesn’t use electricity to generate speed, it uses speed to generate electricity. Soon, you can turn those unwanted calories into battery power.

The revolutionary electric bicycle will feature three battery packs that begin to charge as soon as you begin peddling. Once fully charged, these battery packs can be used as a power source for any of your electronic devices. The bike is also set to include a virtual coach who will help you train through changes in intensity and resistance. The bike’s smart capabilities would allow other DNA eBike users to connect with one another and compete in multiplayer training sessions. This could be great for staying motivated, making you feel more accountable to completing a training session when you have friends putting in the effort at the same time.

A Sooall spokesperson said the company has plans to launch this bike in the next two months in China, at 10,000 Renminbi (around $1,615, £1,040 or AU$2,060). So if you’re thinking about getting this, be ready to pedal your ass off.

Source: CNET