Star Wars In Real Life: Holograms Made Possible With Lasers

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Aerial Burton has taken the fi out of sci-fi. Using a pulse laser, the Japanese company has created the technology to project 3D images mid- Yes Star Wars fans, this does mean that science is on the way to conjuring up a floating image of Princess Leia capable of saying “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

This is a huge development for holographic technology. Previously, holograms were limited to the projection on a surface or medium on which the image could appear. However, times have changed and now it seems easily possible for holograms to be created. Companies like Kaleida (you can find their website here: wearekaleida.com), will surely be able to create a floating image of Princess Leia sometime soon. Technology has improved so much over the last few years, so it soon will become a common thing to see a hologram at an event.


The infrared laser is emitted at 11kHz and is reflected off 3D scanner. This means that the individual dots can be placed in specific points in the air. The beam ionizes the air molecules, which creates visible plasma emissions.

The technology has already gone mobile, and in their public demonstration, Aerial Burton has projected images from the roof of a van. Their aim is to develop a display that will help direct people in the case of an emergency.


For now hologram complexity is relatively restricted by the number of dots that can be placed in the air. This being said, Aerial Burton’s projector is a significant leap forward for imaging of all kinds. With successful miniaturization, the Japanese company’s research could be implemented for computer displays and theme park attractions.

This is some seriously cool tech and soon it’ll make its way into our lives both as entertainment and in the event of emergency. With some more development, sci-fi distress signals might become an everyday occurrence.

Source: Fut-Science

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