Uber Makes Life Easier For The Hearing Impaired

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Uber on Thursday unveiled updates to its app to better accommodate hearing impaired and deaf drivers.

Contractors are now able to modify their app to have the flashlight turn on when a trip’s being requested, along with the existing audio notification. They can also set it so that riders receive a message directly on the Uber app, alerting them to enter a destination or to provide special instructions for a pick-up. This is a great way to start making the company more open to different disabilities. Hiring more senior members of society who have hearing amplifiers as well as using this technology can help people get employment at the same time as raising awareness.

Uber is currently testing in four cities for now-Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.-but if the trial run goes well, the updates could roll out nationwide in as little as two weeks. The changes were made, the company says, after receiving suggestions from drivers and the National Association of the Deaf, and they aim to streamline the ride-hailing process for everybody.

Uber has been known in the past to hire a diverse range of drivers, such as those with hearing difficulties and potentially those with previous criminal records, for example. Whilst many Uber drivers who struggle with hearing make use of devices, such as the best hearing amplifiers on the market, it will hopefully be an additional benefit to have the modified app to help them out even more. It’s impressive that a company like Uber is constantly trying to improve and be inclusive of all people.

“Talking to these associations and our deaf partners, we realized there is such a need for increased economic opportunity for members of this community,” says Rachel Holt, Uber’s east coast general manager. “We’re always trying to develop solutions that serve the unique needs of both our partners and riders.”

Source: Wired