Snapshot Of Canada’s First Electric Super Car

“Let Toronto become Milan. Montreal will always be Rome” — Jean Drapeau

And when the Italians have made their own electric cars and motorbikes, the Canadians followed.

Dubuc SLC, a Montreal-based company became the first Canadian auto maker of electric vehicles with its first design, Tomahawk. The car is named after the Tomahawk Rocket — a long-range, all-weather, subsonic cruise missile in the 1970s — to apparently expose the ambition of Dubuc to make an electric supercar that will go from 0-60 in just over 3 seconds, to a top speed of 140 MPH, and has an extended range of 275 miles, along with being the first electric vehicle with adjustable-height air suspension. The car will be introduced in 2016, with a price aimed just below $100,000, making it more affordable for customers in the sports car segment.

Dubuc-presented-an-electric-car-Tomahawk dubuc-super-light-car-tomahawk-kit-car_100449031_l “A stunning, eye-popping, exhilarating high-performance super car without ever spending a dime on fuel!” Weighing in at under 2000 lbs, depending on engine and options chosen, this super car will outperform your expectations. It’s ready for an electric, longitudinal or transverse engine mount, with a 4/6/8/12-cylinder super-charged engine or even a motorcycle engine. The body is made of a polymer and is UV protected against rays with customized colors. No need to paint it, nor will it rust! Extremely lightweight and stronger than most cars!







“Crazy simple is our motto! We applied it and we will pass it along to countless others,” said Mike Kakogiannakis, the designer behind the Tomahawk. I have to admit that the curvaceous body gives it a sleek, sexy intimidating look.

It seems Montreal is gradually becoming a leader in the electric vehicle industry. The city is now home to the largest electric car service centre on the continent, and they have been planning to electrify its bus and taxi fleets. Dubuc SLC said they have been collaborating with many taxi companies in Montreal to conduct this plan. “No more gas pumps!”

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