Snakebot Charger Prototype Making Its Way To Model S

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Tesla Motors shows off a prototype car charger of the future and it looks like a bendy robot straight out of science fiction.

Just yesterday, Tesla Motors shared a video of a prototype charger attaching itself to a Model S. It sorta looks like a creepy metallic snake from the future.  Am I the only one who got creeped out watching the video? But I guess since the Tesla is such a technologically advanced car, that you might as well have a high-tech bendable charger to go with it.

If the project moves forward, it will make recharging less of a hassle. It’s undeniably cool, however, and as autonomous cars begin to make their way to market, a charging system that doesn’t require any human action is certainly attractive.

Musk himself hinted at the charger project back in December by tweeting about it, likening the as-yet-unseen device to a “solid metal snake.” In October 2014, Tesla noted that it is working on an “electrically opening, self-closing charge port door on Dual Motor Model S.” The hands-off door would work nicely with the automated charger.

So far, the prototype seems to work pretty smoothly. It starts straight up in the air and then bends, searching for the charge port on the car. It finds it quickly and plugs in, turning the port green to show that it’s working. This would be way more fun than connecting it yourself.

Source: CNET