Smart iPhone Case Offers All-Day Data Roaming For Just $2

“My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long.” – Buffalo Bill

But the moment you had arrived home after a great week-long trip and checking out your bill, I’m pretty sure you wish you stayed home. In fact, nearly one in six people say they have received an unexpectedly high mobile phone bill for usage abroad. Should we go on holiday without a smartphone or tablet? It’s unthinkable!

Fortunately, a nifty Kickstarter project aims to build its multi-carrier, virtual SIM-equipped iPhone case to help travelers get affordable data roaming in 100+ countries for just $2 a day. It’s called ComfortWay Case.


Now when you arrive in a new country, just simply snap your iPhone into the ComfortWay Case and hit “Start Internet” on the dedicated free iOS app. The embedded Virtual SIM module will then automatically download the correct SIM specs from your local mobile operators, select the network with the best data connection, and function as a Wifi hotspot for your iPhone and up to nine other users. With $2, you receive the benefit of 200MB of daily usage, which should be more than enough for the majority of users – including sending and receiving giant images and downloading entire movies. By using the prepaid method, you can easily control the bill charges throughout the iOS app.



The case also boasts a 2400 mAh battery–which is great as an iPhone battery replacement. What great stuff!

For those who want to find out more, check out the video below:

The ComfortWay Case has been crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Get donating if you’re interested!

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