Shoppers Get Augmented Reality Experience

There are a lot of things we’re seeing a move from imagination to reality and Augmented Reality is one of them. Over the past few years, we’ve seen AR gradually move from its early iterations to wider use. This change is seen to a significant degree in the world of video gaming, especially in many a bingo game where you win real money, which has moved from the Kinect to smartphone games.

So with AR becoming increasingly mainstream, it’s leaping over to other areas of our lives. Another example of this is how it can be applied to change our shopping experiences. And it’s far from a rare novelty for consumers according to recent studies. Research of which finds that 70% of consumers expect some kind of AR app alongside traditional retail.

Augmented Retail a Reality

Despite this high level of demand from consumers, more than two-thirds of companies don’t use it. But those that do have it are making some major waves with consumers. Take, for example, Lacoste’s Augmented Reality system has been met with exceedingly positive reviews.

Focussing on allowing users to actively see the line of shoes Lacoste provides. It’s proven to be incredibly popular according to those that have been using it; with 30,000 active users engaging with the company’s products.

For those looking for a more dramatic change to their surroundings, companies have taken the initiative there too. Referred to as ARKit technology, it allows for full immersion using your smartphone. With retailers like Ikea jumping on it for its interior decorating and furnishing applications.

Companies like Ikea and CVLT allow consumers to actively decorate and see what rooms look like with particular decorations. Removing the challenging work of either imagining it in store or having to face buyers remorse of buying then testing.