Water Sports Gear

Seaworthy Toys For Big Boys: Here’s The Water Sports Gear You Need This Year

Are you in the market for new water sports gear? If not yet, you will be once you check out these awesome tech gadgets and toys to take with you on the water.

The global watersports industry will see a 4.6% growth between now and 2026. 

If you’ve been avoiding the waves and thinking the watersports tide will roll over, think again. There’s never been a better time to join the expansive watersports community and enjoy a new hobby. 

Keep reading to discover the top water sports gear items to add to your Christmas list this holiday season. 

Start with a Jet Boat

You can’t fully experience the wonderful world of water sports if you don’t yet have a boat of your own. Always relying on your friend’s schedule or renting a boat can put a serious damper on your enjoyment and budget. Instead, it’s time to buy your own boat.

For the serious watersport fan, look into buying kayaks for big guys. These boats are great for their high maneuverability, which means you can turn on a dime. They also have great acceleration and braking power, making them the perfect option for thrill-seekers.

If you’re ready to take the dive and purchase your own boat, visit a local Scarab dealer to find the best new and used options for your budget. 

Add on a Wireless Radar

If you want to be the caption of your own boat, an essential piece of watersports gear is a boat radar. 

A boat radar is essentially a GPS for whatever body of water your navigating. Whether you’re going deep-sea fishing on the ocean or waterskiing on a lake, you’ll need some help navigating. 

In the old days, you had to have a radar system in one location on your boat. In order to check in with your location, you had to stay put in one place on the boat. But, new technology has created the wireless radar. 

Simply install the radar antenna on your boat. Then, download the associated radar app to your smartphone or tablet. Now, no matter where you are located onboard, you can ensure you’re safely navigating the waters. 

Get Creative with an Underwater Drone

Ever find yourself wondering what’s under your water as you ride through the vast open blue? One of the newest boating gadgets to take over the market is the underwater drone. 

An underwater drone is essentially exactly what the name infers – a drone that operates under the water. Unlike traditional drones that you pilot through the air, these drones can travel to depths of 130 feet beneath the surface. 

With this cool tech gadget, you can take photographs or videos and even live-stream your feed. Capture amazing images of underwater creatures or use it to follow along with your scuba diving adventures. 

Get Only the Best Water Sports Gear

All of these gifts are a great option for the avid water sports enthusiast. If you know a close friend, partner, or anyone else who’s been eager to take one of those san diego kayak tours with Everyday California or the many water explorations out there, then now’s the time to fulfill their wish and gift them what they need for the adventure! Maybe also surprise them with a planned tour, if it falls in your budget.

These water sport gear can also be a super cool gift to yourself. Whether you’re starting to save up for your very own jet boat or are interested in water sports gear like an underwater drone, you’re bound to have a great time. 

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