Hands-On World’s First Smart Connected Suitcase

“Who knew a suitcase could do so much.” –BlueSmart Spokeman

There is nothing as easy to get lost as your luggage at an airport when you travel (after all, airlines make no guarantees that your belongings will arrive at the same destination you do). However, a tech-savvy traveler absolutely knows how to keep track of his/her stuff. A new product, which is seeking funding on Indiegogo, looks to be the complete answer. is a carry-on suitcase that’s loaded with technology. It features a TSA-approved digitally controlled lock that can be controlled from a companion app on your smartphone. There’s also a built-in digital scale so you can be sure to keep your luggage within regulation ahead of time. The suitcase has also included a super-powerful battery charger that can charge two devices, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet or e-book, at the same time. The suitcase battery will enable you to recharge your smartphone six times over. luggage itself is high-quality as well. The resilient polycarbonate fronts, aluminum frame and sealed zippers are all waterproof. Four spinner wheels offer ease of movement through the airport for when you’re racing to catch a plane, and the easy-access computer pocket is pretty hard too. other clever features are also integrated, such as receiving alerts when you separated from your BlueSmart. You can also locate your suitcase with a proximity heat map and receive a reminder of the last recorded location–just like James Bond! If your suitcase gets re-routed, the BlueSmart Network will help you track the location of your suitcase. “As the network grows, we will cover the whole planet,” said the company.

The team said when BlueSmart goes up for sale next year, it will hit the $450 price point, so if you’re interested, now’s the time. The BlueSmart is set to ship to backers in July of 2015. Share your comments with us.