Salesforce To Join The Blockchain Revolution

Salesforce is working on a product based on blockchain technology.

Parker Harris, the co-founder of Salesforce, confirmed that the company is hoping to unveil Blockchain and cryptocurrency support by September 2018, in an interview at the TrailheaDX conference April 5.

Benioff said he’d begun to hone in on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency after an encounter at a hotel bar in Davos, Switzerland, in January. The World Economic Forum he was attending coincided with a cryptocurrency conference, and a conversation with one of that event’s attendees led Benioff to consider the ways his company could integrate the technology. It is amazing what can happen with cryptocurrency nowadays, it is even used for playing online casino games as it is easier to move around. Websites such as Digital Fan, go in-depth about it more for those who are thinking of using currencies like Bitcoin, etc. for this.

“I had been thinking a lot about what is Salesforce’s strategy around blockchain, and what is Salesforce’s strategies around cryptocurrencies and how we relate to all of these things,” he said.

What is blockchain? Blockchain is the software technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While investors use things like the gordon ramsay bitcoin platform to assist them in investing in Bitcoin, businesses can also use the cryptocurrencies for their practices. Businesses find that using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies could make business transactions a little easier. White label crypto exchange companies similar to Dex (see https://dex.openledger.io/white-label-solution/) could be a good way of helping a new cryptocurrency based business off the ground. It’s a shared public ledger, also called a distributed database, which tracks transactions and ensures that the record of those transactions remains transparent and tamper-proof. Read this crypto revolt review to find out how you could make a profit from the Blockchain revolution. If you want to build some web application like stunning forms, custom documents etc you can check Salesforce document generation.

Benioff emphasized the importance of “knowing that innovation is coming, there’s new ideas coming all the time.

“There’s more ideas than we can possibly execute,” he said.

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s enormous annual customer conference. It will be held this year from September 25-28 in San Francisco, and if it all goes well, they could be announcing a blockchain product this year. Stay tuned.

Source: CoinDesk