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RideAir: A Revolutionary Electric Bike Pump For You

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So, it’s officially summer in California. My boyfriend and I are planning our mountain biking schedule in order to explore new trails across the state. And this time, we will go with RideAir, a new gadget that can pump up a tire with just the push of a button. No more toil required!

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Weighing around a pound, the RideAir is as small as your water container, with a sexy design that can be easily mounted on your bike or in your backpack. Using compressed air and high-quality mechanisms, the tool makes tire inflation a much simpler and quicker task for cyclists. No waste, no extra work, and no more pumping away when there’s cycling to be done.



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How does it work?

  • Get ready – Fill your RideAir

Simply inflate the RideAir through its “Inlet Valve” using any air-compressor out there:  gas station, bicycle shop, in-house air compressor, etc. Once it’s fully inflated, the RideAir is all set and ready to go!

  • Get set – Carry it on you bike

The RideaAir is equipped with a built-in “Metal Cable Lock” and protected with a combination lock to secure it wherever you go. You can even use it to quickly lock-up your bike when at pit-stops.

  • Inflate – Quickly and easily inflate your tire

When low air-pressure is encountered, whether natural seepage or from a small puncture, simply connect the RideAir “Inflation Tube” to your tire’s inlet valve and quickly press the “Inflation Button”. That’s it! You will be good to go in just a few seconds. The RideAir “PSI Gauge” will let you know exactly how much air is remaining in the capsule so that you can prepare in advance for the next use.

RideAir-Electric-Bike-Pump-4RideAir is running a fund campaign on Kickstarter and has achieved 128% of their goal. For more information about the product, don’t hesitate to follow them on Facebook or Twitter

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