Put Aside The Old-school Car Brochure, This Is What You Want

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Let me tell you a story. I decided it’s a good time to get a new car. Of course I know what I want, but sometimes what you want isn’t what you can afford. So I made a list of cars that I can afford, then went to the companies’ websites to review all the information (photos of both interior and exterior, specs, etc.). After that, I wandered around the Internet to see what car experts reviewed about my options in order to make a short list of cars that are good to take a look at. I, then, called the companies asking for brochures. Finally, I made trips to showrooms to see how the cars “really” look like in real life — yeah, some cars look pretty amazing in photos, but the reality isn’t as impressive as it was supposed to be.

I know the opening is quite boring. But wait, let me tell you another version of this story.

So, I know that I want the 2016 Audi TT. I contacted the company and they sent me the AR-technology brochure within 1 day. I then downloaded an app from Audi’s website in order to be able to “play” with this advanced catalogue. And now, all the designated pages become an app-compatible smart surface, complete with haptic feedback, highlighting the Audi TT’s Virtual Cockpit interior. The experience enlivens a static overview into an interactive preview of the car’s features, complete with configuration options and test drive request via the app.

Isn’t it way more fun to preview a car brochure in this way, rather than a boring outdated brochure as we have used? I’m more than happy to get my hands on one of these brochures to fiddle around with.

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