Ram 2500 vs. 3500: Jeep Models Compared

You might have seen commercials for the Ram 2500 or the 3500 model. They’re both impressive-looking vehicles, capable of carrying multiple passengers around while the driver navigates through mountainous terrain or congested inner-city streets.

If you’re interested in the Ram 2500 for sale, Texas residents should have no trouble finding one. You might want to take a little time to consider the 3500 model before you make your final selection, though. 

We’ll compare the two models and talk about some of their strengths in the following article. 

The Price

If the price is what matters to you the most, you should know that the 3500 does cost a bit more than the 2500 model. You can get a standard 3500 for a little over $45K standard. The 2500 comes in at under $43K standard in most instances.

That price difference might seem negligible to you, and if so, the total cost probably won’t be the main determining factor that leads you to make your choice between these two.


The horsepower of the 2500 is 410, whereas the maximum horsepower of the 3500 model is 420. Again, that’s not a huge difference. Still, if power is what drives you to make your selection more than anything else, you will likely opt for the 3500.

The Payload

It’s when you start talking about the difference in the payload that these two vehicles start to separate themselves from each other a bit. Most people don’t get a vehicle this size just to show it off. You likely need it for work or to haul equipment around.

If so, it should interest you to know that the 2500 has a maximum payload of 4,010 pounds. That’s impressive, but you get 7,680 pounds of payload capacity with the 3500. 

You might feel like that’s the kind of difference that makes it worth it to pay an extra couple of thousand dollars for the 3500.

The Towing Capacity

The other real difference between these two is in their towing capacity. Again, if you’re using this vehicle for work, this is a number to which you should pay attention.

With the 2500 series, you get 20,000 pounds of towing capacity. You can do a lot with that, but it’s nothing compared to the 37,090 pounds of towing capacity you get with the 3500.

With that kind of capacity, you can tow a trailer behind you with livestock in it. You can rescue another vehicle that has broken down. There are very few jobs you won’t be able to handle with the 3500.

What Will You Do with Your Vehicle?

If you don’t have quite as much money to spend, and that’s the biggest determining factor for you, you may go for the 2500 series. The horsepower is not all that different, either. 

The most notable differences are in the towing capacity and payload. If that’s what you need most, you’ll likely want to shell out the extra cash for the 3500 model.