Power Pen Offers Emergency Powers On The Go

It is said the pen is mightier than the sword, and this latest model certainly shows how powerful pens can be – literally.

People are relying on our phones like never before, and a flat battery can spell disaster, or at least some mild anxiety. Either way, external charging solutions are finding their way into everything from dedicated credit card-shaped devices to the countertop at your local Starbucks. Now a writing pen with a backup battery packed inside can be added to the list.

Meet the Power Pen, a ballpoint pen/stylus/portable charger three-way gizmo. It has a 700mAh built-in battery, so about enough to charge your smartphone a third of the way—not a lot, but certainly enough for an emergency top-off. It works with any Apple or Android device with a microUSB or lightning port, so phones, tablets, e-readers, speakers and other gadgets.

Though it’s worth noting the Power Pen it’s just the latest in a slew of mini-chargers—like the perfectly tiny inCharge cable currently making its way through Kickstarter—designed for people that can’t seem to pull it together enough to keep a device powered up for a whole straight day or throw a regular charger cable in a bag.

But this one has a gimmick: It doubles as a writing utensil, in case you a) still write things by hand and b) have also misplaced that. Yes, it happens.

You can preorder the Power Pen for $40 from Firebox; it ships out Dec. 29.

Source: Gizmodo