Polaris Introduces Victory Electric Motorcycle

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Are you ready to go lightening fast?

Polaris Industries, the maker of Indian and Victory motorcycles has introduced an electric bike that puts the company ahead of Harley-Davidson Inc. in a new category of two-wheel machines.

The Empulse TT is mostly an update of a Brammo model of the same name. Unlike the cruisers that Victory is known for, it features a sportbike style.

When the bike goes on sale later this year for $19,999, it will be the first electric bike offered by a major, traditional motorcycle brand in a segment that’s currently dominated by electric specialist Zero Motorcycles.

“This is a stepping stone to a full electric designed in-house at Polaris and allows the company to explore the market for a relatively low investment,” Cycle World editor-in-chief Mark Hoyer says. “Getting the Empulse TT in market first is a perfect example of the spirit and aggression of Victory’s parent company Polaris.”

The Verge reports the Empulse TT can do over 100 mph, charge fully in under four hours, and offers a range of 140 miles. Power is rated at 54 horsepower and 66 pound-feet of torque. It uses a proprietary six-speed gearbox where the clutch is only needed to change gears, not to go or stop. Sounds pretty crazy to me.

Would you try an electric sportbike?

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Source: The Verge