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New Ludicrous Mode On Tesla Makes The Car Goes From 0 To 60 In 2.8 Seconds

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Tesla Motors called out for a major press conference just yesterday; and in less than 24 hours, many surprised things were announced, including a ridiculously awesome feature on the dual-motor version of Tesla Model S called “Ludicrous Mode” that allows your Tesla to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds.

The upgrade costs $10,000 for new buyers and results in a 10 percent acceleration improvement compared to the previous dual-motor version — the P85D. “It’s a pretty awesome improvement,” said Musk. Only pretty awesome? I have to say: it’s incredibly awesome!

To give you an idea of how fast the 4-seat Tesla Model S with “Ludicrous Mode” can accelerate compared to other super cars, I’ve made this table:

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What else?

Tesla will also offer an upgraded battery pack for $3,000, giving 15 miles of additional range. This means the dual-motor Tesla Model S now has the range of 300 miles.

A new Tesla Roadster is on its way as well. Musk dropped this little detail: “There is of course one speed faster than ludicrous, but that’s reserved for the next generation Roadster in 4 years: maximum plaid.”

Elon Musk, once again, confirmed the delivery of the Model X in the coming months, and the Model 3 — mass-production vehicle — will be slated for 2017.

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