Scoot Networks Expands To Over 400 Electric Vehicles Available Across SF

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It’s time to get scootin’ around town.

Just yesterday, Scoot fleet expanded to over 400 electric vehicles available across San Francisco. “We are expanding our fleet to keep up with growing demand. Our riders love scooting, and have asked for ways to carry more. Now with the Scoot Cargo, we are enabling our riders to take more trips and carry groceries or deliveries. In fact, couriers who use Scoot to make deliveries are among our best customers,” says Scoot Networks Founder & CEO Michael Keating.

7J7C5590-copyYou have probably seen the red scooters around town. The vehicles are an alternative to Uber, Lyft and other car-sharing services as a way to get around town.

Scoot has been showing off its latest experiment, an electric Renault Twizy, at company events. The 17-horsepower, two-person vehicle puts the passenger directly behind the driver and has a small trunk. Even though it’s not available for purchase in the United States, one sits outside the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, still, people can get a side by sides for sale in corona ca and still have fun with it. This is a pretty huge jump from two wheels.

Scoot launched its rental service in September 2012. After signing up, an instructor gives new riders a 30-minute introduction to the scooters and how the service works and the riders are off. Customers rent a scooter for a few dollars to get them across town — no motorcycle license needed. In the past, the bikes were only available at charging stations. But, a recent update added street parking in busy neighborhoods to the mix. Now the  red scooters are more visible than ever.

As of now, Scoot is only available in San Francisco. And while it’s actively investigating other cities, it’s picked a city that’s ready to embrace the scooter lifestyle.

Source: Engadget