Having grown significantly since launching in 2004, NB Environmental Services Limited is considered as one of the most competent and considerate waste management companies in Trinidad and Tobago. Founded and led by Mr. Neil Benjamin the business growth is a response to a keen dedication to protecting the environment and innovating the waste collection and removal industry.


The need for competent waste management is greater today than it was in the early 2000s. Whether it be with https://www.apexbirdcontrol.uk/service/guano-clearance-portsmouth helping to keep city areas clean of bird waste, or the work people do in the logistics sector, a good waste management system is vital. NBESL is ideally equipped to meet the demand head on. While, when he first began Mr. Benjamin ran his business using rented vacuum trucks to meet the demands of the increasing clientele, today the business has a team of thirty locally employed professionals, equipped with a fleet of vehicles kitted for their designed purposes.


The requirements of the industry have diversified since the business was first created and over the years NBESL has kept up with these developments. Therefore, the catalogue of available services that they can offer has grown to tackle some of the most challenging of wastes.

This includes the efficient collection and disposal of industrial hazardous and non-hazardous wastes such as engine oil, bilge and waste water, sludge, hydro-carbon liquids, biomass pods and solid waste. It could be a good idea to seek professional legal help with an environmental law practice when considering these actions within a business.

Adhering to safety standards set in place by the Environmental Management Authority (E.M.A) these materials are collected and moved to an approved disposal site. All the tankers are accompanied by an escort equipped with emergency response equipment. Once this transport has been completed the tanks are then taken to a bioremediation facility for cleaning and de-contamination.


They are also fully equipped to collect and transport more injurious material such as fluorescent tubes, batteries, glass bottles, oily rags, filters, and a variety of solid waste. This waste also includes domestic and construction waste, drums, barrels, and hazardous containers.

Correspondingly, there are many different types of storage containers and liquid storage vessels that are used to facilitate these processes. For example, the business frequently makes use of bunded storage solutions. In case you were not already aware, a bund is a secondary containment area in a tank or a drum where any spilled liquid can be contained if the original storage solution fails. You can find further information about the advantages of bunded storage solutions over on the Storemasta website.

There are always varied client needs and Mr. Benjamin’s company offers a range of consultant focussed services including risk assessment and reduction, incident investigation, analysis, equipment testing and checking and others.


Having applied such strong service for almost two decades NB Environmental Services are able to count clientele ranging from local businesses to multinational companies such as PCS Nitrogen and Mi Swaco, Methanex and Shell Trinidad.


NB Environmental Services Limited actively encourages and promotes the flow of communication amongst their team members. Brushing off multi-level-slow-moving-bureaucracy in favour of flexibility and quick decision making, Mr. Benjamin believes that staff need to be empowered to make decisions that will help carry the business forward.

Staff training is comprehensive, ensuring that every team member not only fully understands their role but also has the capacity to learn and develop within it.

This has a positive impact on the clients because when every employee and team member understands the importance of their role in relation to the full picture, each can act as a client-facing ambassador for the business when called upon.


Over and above their place and services to the recycling industry NBESL have taken the step to support clients further by offering a state of the art conference room. Providing professional décor and comfortable furniture, the latest technologies, fast internet and conference facilities and full support.

Combined with a flexible rental solution, the facility allows businesses to form the right impression with their clients regarding who they are and what they represent. As an innovative provider of services themselves, there is no denying the value of a comfortable, well located, fully serviced conference room with full business amenities.

ADDRESS: 136, Southern Main Road, Couva

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