Mitsubishi To Replace Its Evo Model With A New High-Performance Hybrid

One more Automaker decided to replace its fuel models with High-Performance Hybrids. Last week, Mitsubishi confirmed the future Evolution is probably going to have battery power and a taller body. According to Mitsubishi’s Managing Executive Officer, Kanenori Okamoto, the Evolution “will cease to exist as the tarmac-clawing four-door we all know and love.” next Evolution is alleged to take technology derived from its Pikes Peak racer and the plug-in work done with models like the Outlander PHEV. The new model also features the Super All-Wheel Control system, promising a joyful thing to drive hard.

“Mitsubishi engineers are working toward a target 0-60 MPH time of 4.5 seconds. The new electric motor will effectively work like a turbo, only smoother, so there’s no need to worry about power delivery,” said Chief of Engineer.

The future of the Evolution has been the subject of much debate this year. Senior management initially claimed it would be axed in favor of investing in electric vehicles, but it reversed this decision following a backlash from fans.

Mitsubishi is still concentrating on its work. However, whatever the final design, this much is clear: Mitsubishi is determined to totally reinvent one of the world’s great performance cars. “There will no longer be an Evolution that’s a boring-looking sedan with a massive wing on the back,” added Mr. Okamoto.

The next generation of Mitsubishi Evolution is expected to be ready within three next years. Share your comments with us.