Meet The World’s First Auto-Unlocking Smart Bike Lock

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Lock smarter. Not harder.

A startup based in Oakland, California claims that its bike lock can eliminate the opportunity for bikes to be stolen by providing a sense of security to bikers and encourage cycling as a lifestyle. “We discovered that 85% of bikes that are stolen are ridden away inconspicuously. By focusing mainly on immobilizing the wheel and locking it to the frame, we can seriously reduce the risk of a bike getting stolen, as it becomes a lot more suspicious to carry an alarming bike,” emphasized Linka’s Team.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.57.05 PMThe new smart Linka bike lock features Tamper Alerts, Auto-Unlock, Built-in Siren, Keyless Access, and more. To lock it, simply tap the button and you’ll be recognized securely through your phone. A 1.1-lb 9.9-mm hardened square steel ring automatically slides into place making your bike impossible to ride away. With Linka’s revolutionary patent-pending Auto-Unlock feature, the lock is keyless. As you approach your bike, it will recognize you and unlock automatically*. Very techy!

cdfea699e7b20c42e87ca7f4e307d0c1_original 1914c1876a29808680b4f109adcda621_original* As a safety precaution, Linka does not auto-lock or lock through your smart phone alone! You must tap the button (3 times or hold for 3 seconds). If the phone is not present, Linka does not auto-lock. In case you don’t have the phone with you, with a single button, simply enter your customized 4-digit pass code and ride away. Store the code directly on Linka app and it will register automatically on Linka once connected.

7f2724eb692aa870a0ae06f3d89c7687_originalThieves are smart and can be very annoying. But Linka has a screeching 100-dB siren to ensure that its sounds are super loud to get the attention of people, while the sophisticated triple-axis accelerometer reduces the chance of false alarms when someone inadvertently bumps your bike.

afa9d169530150a1d2bed7a2cca61b87_original 72d53c36e73bdb97a7ddf4ec61935ece_originalOne less thing for you to worry about! With Linka Tamper Alerts, the built-in accelerometer will trigger a notification to your smartphone if your bike is in danger. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the furthest communicating distance between you and your bike is 400 feet. If you or the bike get out of range, you can count on being notified by Linka. Once you lock up your bike, the Theft Indicator Map will instantly alert you if the neighborhood isn’t safe for your two-wheel friend and will recommend you a better place to park.

The smart lock retails at $99, with shipping expected in January 2016. To place your order, click here.

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