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Living Life Of Cars, Dubai Sets Up System To Understand Car Lifecycles

The average car owner has to deal with a whole range of issues that can affect them and their car. But one area that drivers tend to forget about is that cars have their life cycle. This lifespan, according to Solo Auto, ranges from 165-200,000 miles, or 13 years depending on the user.

With this in mind, any driver can keep an eye on the miles and years they’ve had with theirs. One of the challenges that countries have, however, is managing cars that are no longer road safe. But with Smart Cities like Dubai, this is a problem of the past.

Dubai: Smart Cities and Smarter Car management

In partnership with Blockchain’s ‘10X Initiative‘, Dubai is moving onwards with its revolutionary ‘Smart City’ by taking cars with it. The outlined goal for car regulators in the UAE is to have an intricate index, from “the manufacturer all the way to the scrap yard.”
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Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman and Executive Director of the RTA demonstrates the driving forces behind a blockchain compendium of Vehicle lifecycles:

“The platform benefits many stakeholders including car manufacturers, dealers, regulators, insurance companies, buyers, sellers and even garages, providing transparency and trust in vehicle transactions, preventing disputes and lowering the cost of services. It tracks ownership, sale, and accident history to create smart, more efficient systems for supply chains.”

Creating a blockchain register of cars from date of manufacture to owners, on to the end of its functioning life. This initiative will open up new opportunities to reduce crime and road accidents in the UAE. All while working in line with the nations ‘Smart city’ programme due to become the reality for millions by 2020.