LIVALL: The First Smart And Safe Cycling Helmet

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LIVALL, the FIRST SMART Cycling Helmet that integrates music, communication, and smart lighting.

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation throughout the world with access to a Bicycle Rental service potentially increasing the accessibility of this loved pastime. In an effort to to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money, and combat rising obesity rates, more and more people are choosing to cycle instead of having to drive. While urban bike sharing programs and fitness tracking apps like Strava are becoming more popular, the development of smart cycling gear has lagged behind, until now.

LIVALL has just engineered the very first smart helmet to provide bike riders a safer, more joyful experience by combining music, fitness stats, emergency communication, social media integration, and smart signaling functionalities, all in one sleek, beautiful design. Now you can look cool, and ride safe too.

gkyvyv00u534ypfheohxThe Bling helmet was conceived as a vital piece of comfort and safety-enhancing gear after LIVALL Co-Founder and CTO Yong Liu fell off his bike and broke his arm. Liu recognized the demand for a smart helmet that merged safety with tech functionalities. The resulting Bling helmet is equipped with a high-tech LED light direction indicator system that replaces hand signals while ensuring cyclists stand out to pedestrians and motorists. A built-in gravity sensor detects external strikes and automatically alerts emergency contacts in the event of an accident.

What makes this helmet fun? You can blast your beats, and be social at the same time. Bling’s Bluetooth speaker and wind-resistant microphone allow riders to enjoy high quality music streaming, place phone calls, and communicate with co-riders via walkie-talkie. LIVALL also engineered the world’s smallest single-unit cadence sensor so Bling can track riders’ data statistics (slope rate, gradient, altitude, speed).

There is also an accompanying aluminum alloy smart phone bike mount that accommodates most smart phones, and is able to change them in case of low battery.

ttmkmgzxmtxozt1m8l4e Brian, LIVALL CEO states, “We’ve refined our prototype more than ten times to solve all high level technical difficulties during the production process. We’ve interviewed thousands of testers for user experience and internal beta testing. The end result is a revolutionary product we believe will change and possibly save thousands of lives around the world.”

The helmet is currently on crowdfunding site Indiegogo where, at the time of writing, it has raised over half of its $20,000 target in only 19 hours. If this sounds of interest then you can sign up to receive one of the first shipments of the Bling helmet (as well as the Bling Jet remote) for $99 through the company’s Indiegogo page.