Lamborghini Is About To Introduce A Hybrid At 2014 Paris Auto Show

In an interview at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Automobili Lamborghini President & CEO Stefan Winkelmann confirmed that there would be no Lamborghini hybrid hyper car to take on the likes of the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and Ferrari La Ferrari. Therefore, the idea of an ultra-niche petro-electric flagship model to take on the current crop of battery-backed billionaires’ toys will not be conducted.

“This game is not, let’s say, fulfillable at the time being. And therefore I’m saying as long as it’s possible – in terms of technology – we’ll keep the DNA,” he said of the brand’s choice to retain only naturally aspirated engines.

However, watch for the upcoming 2014 Paris Auto Show, since Lamborghini quietly sent out a cryptic teaser the other day. It’s being called “Asterion”, which is a mythological name for a half-bull/half-human hybrid. And we guess this car uses electricity too.

Even though the Asterion is just a concept now, it seems to make sense that a hybrid system would be in the cards for Lamborghini to increase performance by leaps and bounds.

Currently, the Asterion is still a big secret. It could just be the name of the hybrid system, and then they’d apply it to their cars where they see fit as an additional trim travel. Or maybe Lamborghini has developed a half bull/half human that they will sell for people to hunt for sport.


The answer is coming in a few weeks.


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