Jott Is a Messenger that Doesn’t Need Data or Wifi

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You’re sitting at home sifting through the pages of your textbook when you realize you forgot the homework. Asking for someone’s number in class is awkward so you’ll have to just email the teacher and hope he isn’t busy. Or you can pull out Jott and message someone from class right away!


Jott promises a lot. It wants to be the app that gets you connected with the people you want to be connected with, smoothly, quickly and securely. It offers features much like Snapchat that allow you to send temporary messages and photos, and promises to keep your privacy secure.

The app has seemed to do well among teens. It offers a messaging service that doesn’t require wifi or data. So instead of the text going to a tower and then finding its receiver, Jott first tries to find out if the receiving end is close enough that it can send it via Bluetooth.

When you connect the service it’ll connect work and school and start showing you people you may know. It uses a swipe feature much like Tinder to select the people you want to talk to and reject those you don’t. If you both swipe right, suddenly you’re in a chat. It makes sense that it would become popular in schools, it’s like passing notes in class, but cooler. We know that teens text a lot. Running up their parents bill isn’t what parent’s want, and so Jott saves the day.

The app does require that you get verified at a school by your classmates. If the rest of the school doesn’t recognize you as someone who goes there then you can get kicked off. Privacy is Jott’s ultimate priority.

Jott understands that their app is highly successful in teenagers and they’re focused on the demographic. It’s a simple way to make friends, keep in touch and there’s very little at risk.

Source: TechCrunch