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Forza Motorsports 6 Will Be The Closest You Can Get To Driving Every Car

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Before I get into the meat of this article, let’s be clear with one thing. I love Turn 10’s Forza racing games more than most things. Granted, I am a late adopter, first playing Forza Motorsports 5 to death (I’ve reached close to level 600, or approximately 1,800 races) when it came out on Xbox One. Right now I’m steadily chugging through Forza Horizon 2, and have spent far more money on downloadable content than I care to admit.


Knowing this, you can imagine how excited I am about the announcement of Forza Motorsports 6 at this year’s E3.


The main selling point for new installment in the franchise is that it boasts hyper-realism in all elements of game play. The Xbox One’s hardware will play the game at 60 frames per second and at resolution of 1080p (4K fans are out of luck on this one). This means that players won’t be taken out of the simulation by hitched video or jagged edges.







Weather effects are another addition, and players will be plagued with rain, puddles, and the dark of nighttime.

The weather plays into Turn 10’s biggest enhancement for Forza 6: the physics. The tires will interact with 150 surface types, meaning that every race will be entirely unique.

The thing I’m most excited for are the 450 cars available to drive at launch. Even better, Porsche will be part of the game day one, so fans of Stuttgart’s finest like myself are likely rejoicing at this news.

And because realism is the team’s highest priority, they are going great lengths to capture the vehicles in excruciating detail. The cars are made lifelike through several processes. The first is by dismantling a vehicle to scan the individual parts. If that’s not possible the team takes vast quantities of photographs to get perfect recreations of every dimension and texture. For the newest cars, like the 2016 Ford GT poster child, the manufacturers have provided Turn 10 with data that precisely details every .


Even the audio has been made as realistic as possible through a recompiling of sounds from all of the vehicles components. That way, when a player modifies their vehicle, the swapped parts will cause the exhaust note to change.

Game modes have been altered to maximize the game’s fun factor too. The pairing system for online play groups clean racers together and puts those who enjoy a good bash in a separate lobby. Multiplayer has been enhanced for up to 24 player fun.


One of the reasons this game is so cool is that it gives car lovers a chance to drive nearly everything, a task that only automotive journalists will get a chance to do and even they won’t be able to do it all. The feedback from both triggers and the whole controller helps make every car unique, giving the game insane amounts of replayability.

Forza 6 will be released December 2015, and this game will be the perfect way to spend my winter as both a car nut and video game lover. I’m already jittering with excitement in anticipation of sliding behind the virtual wheel of the 2016 Ford GT.

Check out the Forza Motorsports 6 trailer below.

Source: Wired

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