Jaguar Vector Racing Break World Electric Speed Record

Jaguar’s electric power boat just set a new world record.

Peter Dredge, the co-founder of Jaguar Vector, piloted the boat at speeds of 88.62 miles per hour across eight miles of the Coniston Water lake in Cumbria, England. His speeds broke the previous record of 76.8 mph set ten years ago.

Talk about crazy fast.

Based around a Formula 1 inshore powerboat, Jaguar Vector stripped it back and inserted 320kg of batteries in the frame and a pair of Yasa electric motors into the rear housing. With learning and technology taken direct from the Formula E project, the V20E boat develops 295bhp. The design and manufacture of the modern electric trolling motors that are available in the market place today using the latest electronic technology and quality materials have made these motors very reliable, tough and affordable. They are available with different thrust levels, light weight trolling motor battery power and shaft lengths catering for all the different boats and environment situations that may be encountered.

“This is just the start”, said Jaguar Vector technical director and driver, Peter Dredge. ”The plan is to take the record further, and beyond that to understand the potential of electricity in high speed craft and try to get the lead in that.”

To aid it in its wet and speedy effort, the Tata-owned automaker partnered with racing watercraft experts Vector as well as Williams Advanced Engineering. From the latter, it borrowed the electric drivetrain’s components.

“After 12 months of hard work, this is a fantastic result for the team and our partners,” said Malcolm Crease, CEO of Jaguar Vector Racing. “It is a great honour for the Vector team to follow in the footsteps of Donald Campbell CBE and to set a world record on the historic Coniston Water.” Donald Campbell was an eight-time world speed record holder who perished at Coniston Water during an attempted run in 1967.

Source: The Verge