Indianapolis Airport Lets Robots Handle Customer Services

It’s definitely a great experience for Indianapolis Airport’s Passengers.

What is it like talking with a robot when you try to get questions answered at the airport? For me, it seems pretty cool.

Indianapolis Airport has rolled out its customer-service robots to help answer passenger’s questions. The robot looks like a miniature Segway, but in a blue customer service shirt and an interactive iPad on top showing the employee piloting it. Indianapolis Airport is the first airport in the States to use the system, and officials say it solidifies the airport’s reputation as one of the most user-friendly airport.

‘This initiative combines our staff’s longstanding commitment to traditional Hoosier Hospitality with an innovative technology that can multiply its benefits,” said Michael Wells, president of the Indianapolis Airport Authority board. a camera lens on the iPad giving him a wide view of its surroundings and the travelers on the terminal’s ground floor, the customer service robot can initiatively approach passengers without them going up the escalator to talk with guest services.

Although many travelers didn’t seem to know what to make of the robots on its first day, they said they liked the robot idea.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Joe Asen said.

“It’s great customer service. He’s a nice guy, by the way”, said another traveler.

In my opinion, a customer service robot will still treat you well even after his long day at work. I’m not sure about that with a customer service person. Humans are much more tired and stressed by the end of their workday.

It seems the United States Airports have been looking to improve their customer services with the advanced technologies, including Miami Airport with its iBeacon Networks.

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