Hover Boards that Exist Right Now

Hover boards are an idea that has lingered in the back of our minds begging to be brought to life. Since Back to the Future 2, we’ve been patiently waiting for cinematic daydreaming to meet up with reality. After a short wait, it has.

There are hover boards currently on the market that you can take a look at now. The whole thing is rather unreal, and is surprisingly inching up on us more sneakily than expected.


The Real First Hover Board

The Hendo Board is a relatively new product and it doesn’t disappoint. It uses a magnetic field to force it off the ground, and the company plans on taking their tech so much further. The Hendo Board isn’t quite yet available for sale, but it’s been tested out by Tony Hawk and it seems to work impressively well. Jill and Greg Henderson, founders of the company, are really interested in using this tech to make other things hover as well. They even discuss a possible future where buildings hover off the ground and are completely unaffected by earthquakes. At the moment this seems like a far off theory, but like most technological advances, it always seems like sci-fi at first.

The Not So Real

Huvr is a genius marketing prank selling us their version of the hover board. There was a lot of speculation surrounding this one because it seems way too good to be true. The board looks far too much like it did in the movies. There hasn’t been any official announcement from the company that Huvr is a marketing scheme, but many suspect so.

The Hover Board, Jetpack Hybrid

Flyboard is a really interesting product that might be an entirely separate category but for the time being is closest to a hover board and a Jetpack hybrid. The product is used over water, and instead of fully hovering, shoots you into the air with blasts of water. A major difference with the Flyboard is that it requires a personal water vehicle to be attached. Regardless it’s a really exciting device that’ll keep your adrenaline pumping and meanwhile make you look like some amazing super-powered Aquaman.


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