Here’s How To Name Your Address By Your Words

“Often in life we forget the things we should remember and remember the things we should forget.” -Unknown

And it seems addresses are named in the list of “Things that are easy to forget” of ours–even me. It’s extremely hard to remember a combination of digits, postcode, and sometimes a long street name, and that is how at least 25% of the world is. There were many times I found myself in a hurry going to a MeetUp venue and completely forgetting the address of that place. Well, it’s not my fault since we all are living a very hectic urban life every single day.

Our brains are crammed with a massive amount of memories that we have formed over a lifetime of experiences. These memories range from the profound to the most trivial and vary considerably in their precision. Parents, for instance, often know the perils of a fuzzy memory when shopping for a birthday gift for their child. Thus, the “fuzziness” of our memory can often be just as important in our daily lives as being able to remember lots and lots of information in the first place.

It would be better if all the important places to people could be addressed. All places–beautiful, interesting, fun, awesome, old, new, fleeting, whatever!

What3words unveils new apps and Pebble

What3words is a free service that grids the world into 3x3m squares and gives each square a unique address of just three words from the dictionary. After first launched in July last year, the company has just updated its new app, and revealed a Pebble smartwatch app, which enables precise location sharing at the touch of a button, without breaking a phone call to check where they are, safe in the comfort that the 3-word address can be easily held in the recipient’s short term memory.

For £1.49, consumers and businesses can purchase personalized ThreeWords to make describing any 3x3m square on Earth even more straightforward. The app also has built-in directions, slick map navigation and a vastly improved user interface.

This video demonstrates how what3words works:

“what3words provides a unique ready-made addressing system which solves the problem superbly with incredible precision and simplicity. It forms an integral part of the address communication side of our app, and we will be encouraging all of our users to communicate their w3w address – we would love to see it become a standard in the region,” said MENA360 Deputy CEO Dr Hassan AlSayegh.

3 words are easy to say, remember, type, send and share. It supports 9 languages, with more to come; and it works well with any browser, Android, iOS, or eventual offline capability and voice on the way.

What3words’ API s available to developers at

Now let’s pick 3 words and create your own address with what3words. Don’t forget to share your comments with us.

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