Google Earth Pro Is Now Free

Many of us have played around with Google Earth to fly around our neighborhood or poke around a 3D version Paris. But how many dropped $400 a year for a Pro subscription?

Not many, it would seem. At least, not enough for Google to keep counting on it as an income source. Google has just eliminated the subscription fee for Google Earth Pro, dropping it from $400 a year to completely free.

To use it for free, you’ll first need to sign up for a license and make sure your PC or Mac meets the minimum system requirements needed to run the program.

Windows computers should be running XP or higher, and have at least 500MB of free storage and 512MB of RAM. Macs, on the other hand, have to run OS 10.6 or higher, along with the same storage and memory requirements. After that, you can download Google Earth Pro to plan for that hike you’ve always wanted to do or,  and take that virtual trip you’ve always wanted to go on.

Source: Engadget