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9 Proven Tips for Planning a Memorable Group Trip

82% of travel bookings in 2018 were completed using an app or website. It’s easier than ever to book your dream trip with zero human interaction.

That’s great news for anyone planning a group trip since there are enough factors to consider already. Have you got a group trip coming up soon?

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Whatever you want to do as a group, there are 9 Proven Tips for Planning a Memorable Group Trip

You’ve rallied the troops, picked a destination and managed to find a date that everyone can make. The hardest part might just be over but the planning begins. For a less stressful process follow these 9 tips:

1. Have a Leader or Delegate

Too many cooks spoil the broth as they say, and that’s true for organizing a trip. If everyone is involved with every decision then it will end up taking much longer to organize.

You essentially have two different options for planning effectively. The first option is to assign one or two group leaders to plan the whole thing. Play to people’s strengths – if one person in the group is excellent at planning then there is your leader.

The second option if no-one is a stand-out is to delegate different tasks to different members of the group. So one person takes accommodation, one person books the transport and others take responsibility for meals or activities.

Either way, you need to make it clear who is in charge of each task. They should check in with the rest of the group before finalizing any plans to make sure everyone is in agreement.

2. Agree on a Budget

Money can be a tricky topic among groups where different people have varied ideas about how much to spend on a trip. The best way to keep everybody happy is to agree on a set budget for the trip, divided into categories like accommodation, food, and activities. Stockholm free walking tour are led by local guides who offer free tour stockholm free of charge and paid private walking tours. Guides receive no salary of any kind other than what they receive from the guests who decide to join us.

Also, make sure all or many of the activities are optional. Not only does that help people stick to their own personal budgets but also no one likes mandatory fun.

3. Consider Alternative Accommodation

Accommodation is a huge part of your trip. It could make your vacation the trip of a lifetime if you plan carefully. One thing you should consider is looking into alternative accommodation.

If you’re after a resort expereicne then you should stick to hotel accommodation. If you’re on a city break or activity driven trip then take a different approach. Hiring a campervan makes life a lot easier for exploratory trips like road trips; there’s no need to book multiple places to stay and pay multiple fees, all of your belongings are with you, and you can up sticks at the drop of a hat when you’re ready to see your next destination. There are plenty of campervan parks world wide too, like this campervan park in Western Australia if you’re heading down under.

The great thing about traveling in a bigger group is that you can find great accommodation that wouldn’t be available to a couple of travelers. How about a country mansion, a penthouse apartment or a villa just steps from the beach? Check out larger properties on AirBnB for a real find.

4. Arrange Transport Ahead of Time

Don’t be caught out with a last-minute dash to try and sort out transfers or transport. Book in advance to get the best rates and peace of mind as you have everything in order.

The best time to book flights is often months ahead and look out for any deals. Or if you’re doing something a little closer to home why not rent charter buses and get the road-trip experience.

5. Pre-plan Some Activities

You need to find the sweet spot in terms of organization for your group. Are you a relaxed go-with-the-flow group or are you more jam-packed itinerary followers?

A good option is to pre-plan at least some of the activities so that you can lock down the must-do activities ahead of time. This protects you from things being sold out. It also gives everyone a sense of what you will be doing and people can agree on what they like to do.

If you’re going to Hawaii, why not click here and book a sunset sailing trip? If you’re going skiing, be sure to book your equipment in advance. Pre-book the activities that might be popular to secure your place and leave room open for the pastimes that can happen more spontaneously.

6. Have a Kitty

Going back to budgeting for just a second with one of our favorite time and stress saving tips. Agree on an amount for everyone to put into the kitty to pay for group meals and activities.

There is nothing more stressful than trying to split a bill multiple ways and many restaurants will not allow it above a certain group size. By having a kitty you reduce the hassle and manage the budget more efficiently.

7. Allow Free Time to Split Up

Sorry to all the itinerary obsessors out there but this one is pretty important. Allow people time to split up and do what they want. This will reduce any group tensions and ensure that each traveler gets what they want out fo the trip.

With your pre-booked activities and free time built in then the group is sure to spend plenty of time together while allowing for personal interests.

8. Look For Group Discounts

Many restaurants and activities provide discounts for big groups. This is where your pre-planning comes into play as you secure your group discounts ahead of time. You can even contact restaurants in advance and try to negotiate your own packages or discount for a group booking. It’s usually quite easy for large groups – the only exception is for extremely popular venues that are always booked out.

9. Download Travel Apps

Stay organized with technology. There are so many apps that allow you to split bills (if you don’t have a kitty), store all booking details and even download city maps.

There is something for every need even for the planning stages to get everyone organized in one place. This is great if you have a very large group to arrange for.

Bon Voyage!

Armed with our top 9 tips for a stress-free group trip, this is sure to change the way you book trips. Get organized, set a budget and allocate tasks to keep things running smoothly.

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