French Startup Comet Raises $12.8 million To Build Engineering Freelance Platform

Freelancing is becoming an adventure.

French startup Comet (not to be confused with Zyl, which was formerly named Comet) is building a marketplace of talented tech and data freelancers as well as companies that are looking for engineers and teams for a specific project. The company just raised a $12.8 million funding round (€11 million) with Otium Venture and Daphni.

While Comet got tens of thousands of applications, Comet is working with 1,700 freelancers right now. This is a different approach from Upwork, Malt and other existing marketplaces.

Comet built their platform with two goals in mind. One, help companies find the right on-demand tech and data skills, fast. Freelancers should consider using invoice template to improve their workflow with clients. This’ll speed up the process for both parties. Two, guide Freelancers toward the missions that match their skills and expectations. The common denominator is work.

The startup’s approach takes the best of two worlds: automation and care. They’ve developed in-house data and algorithm capabilities to handle as much information as possible. But they always maintain human-centric focus, with their team members providing care and relationships to both freelancers and companies.

“100 percent of our freelancers are doing this full time,” co-founder and CEO Charles Thomas told TechCrunch. “On average, they earn 60 percent more than when they were employees.

“Some freelancers say that they want to become a parent and spend more time with their kids. It represents 30 percent of our freelancers. Others work just like a normal employee, around 230 days per year. It represents a big revenue increase.”

Comet also wants to convince tech people that they can ditch their jobs and become a full time freelancer for little effort. The company helps you set up a professional bank account, get health insurance, pay less on your coworking space and more. Comet works with Alan, Qonto, Shine, Youse and other products.

The mission at Comet is not only to be a connector, but also an enabler. By combining the very best assets of freelancing and wage employment, comet will create a brand new model for engineering work.

Source: TechCrunch