Free proxies or paid proxies. What to choose?

Insecurity and lack of anonymity quickly became a problem for Internet users. Spam, easy access to credit card numbers and passwords, email interception, and identity theft are just a few of the types of online fraud that users want to protect themselves from. The primary purpose of proxy servers is to provide privacy and anonymity to users. Providers, in turn, are willing to provide the best possible services, although the quality varies depending on whether the user chooses a paid or free service.

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Benefits of using proxies

Anonymous proxy servers are located in different countries. To external websites, they look like normal user devices. These proxies are called resident proxies. Mobile-type proxies are resident proxies that are based on devices connected to cellular networks. Renting mobile proxies increases the freedom to work with traffic and has some advantages:

  1. They are highly trustworthy to websites and are considered ordinary smartphones.
  2. They automatically change the IP address with each new connection to the network and after a certain time interval.
  3. Allows to receive accurate and up-to-date information
  4. They have a wide range of applications.
  5. Reasonable price.

What are the risks?

All of the above benefits of proxies apply to paid services. Free proxies are not reliable. They do not guarantee anonymity or security, may sell users’ personal information, do not encrypt traffic, and do not hide users’ IP addresses. Free proxies can be used for fun or if you do not need secure anonymity.

The trustworthiness and reputation of the proxy server is the main condition for the final choice. OnlineProxy does not track what you are doing and does not share your personal information with others. We offer hundreds of thousands of the best mobile proxy servers worldwide. You can rent a cheap private proxy just to try and see how it works.