FIA Formula E Long Beach Recap

After a mesmerizing race, Nelson Piquet Jr. wins the Long Beach round. Piquet kept focused on the road and it prevailed. It was a long race backdropped by a wonderfully sunny day. The energy was really high and positive in the arena and it’s been a great season.

Scott Speed fell behind dramatically since his race in Miami which was difficult to watch considering how high expectations were for him this time around. Unfortunately He wiped out early. I could only imagine how he must’ve felt. The chicane really was an antagonist for multiple drivers.

Bird landed in 18th, about 10 spots behind his team Virgin driver. He damaged his suspension early on in the race on the same turn that caused Speed some trouble and was forced to swap out his car.

Piquet Jr. received a drive thru penalty for running square into Trulli during one of the tricky circuit’s turns. Prost also got a penalty for a drive thru in the same location and Heidfeld had a small spin out later on in the race. This track was really giving the drivers an accelerating challenge.

Vergne close on Piquet’s feet, did well in the race considering he crashed into a wall earlier on the track during practice.  It was turn five out of seven and a really sharp one. He still kept strong through out the track and didn’t fall far behind.

Overall it was Piquet’s race, a victory on the sixth track for China, and a touching win on the track that Piquet’s father won a Formula 1 race just 35 years before. 

  1. Piquet Jr.
  2. Vergne
  3. Di Grassi
  4. Buemi
  5. Senna
  6. D’Ambrosio
  7. Felix da Costa
  8. Alguersuari
  9. Duval
  10. Sarrazin
  11. Heidfeld
  12. Chandhok
  13. Liuzzi
  14. Prost
  15. Abt
  16. Pic
  17. Duran
  18. Bird
  19. Trulli
  20. Speed