Fetch- Your Personal Shopping Assistant Is Here

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Okay, so talking to your wrist still isn’t the coolest thing to do. But now, you can shop online just by tapping your watch. Shopping assistant Fetch is tackling a new platform with the release of its Apple Watch app. Now more of a mobile “concierge,” Fetch will allow Watch owners to order any product, on-demand service or make travel reservations, right from their wrists.

Last year, Fetch was best known for using a crew of people to respond to messages sent from the app. So, if you wanted to buy, say, a cool jacket you saw someone wearing at a club, you could take a photo, send it along, and someone would eventually respond with the cheapest, most appropriate listing they could find. With Expect Labs’ voice recognition and analytical chops now being baked into the existing iOS/Apple Watch app, though, those requests can be chopped up and acted on more quickly. What can you expect? Hopefully a less headache-inducing shopping experience.


Since the update, customers can now ask the Fetch app to order them a pizza, send flowers to someone, buy a movie ticket, book a last-minute hotel room, find a mechanic, schedule a doctor’s appointment, make dinner reservations, or even order another item for same-day delivery.

Basically, it’s the combination of a personal shopper, virtual assistant, and travel agent, all rolled into one, explains Fetch CEO Tom Hadfield.

Using the app is pretty simple. After installing it to your Apple Watch, you’ll just need to tap the microphone icon to say your request. This request is then picked up by one of Fetch’s 58 concierges, who are people trained and experts in certain areas like travel, wine, shoes and more.

Fetch works anywhere in the U.S. by plugging into whatever local providers are available in that area, so it’s not limited to only major urban markets as some in the on-demand industry are currently.

Not a fan of the Apple Watch? No worries: The feature will find its way to Fetch’s Android app, too, though you’ll have to pay Fetch $10 a month on any platform for the privilege.

Source: Engadget