Audi RS6 Wagon Drives for Uber

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I’ve enjoyed a few nice rides via Uber since I’ve been using it, including a decked out BMW Active Hybrid 5 but not many can say they’ve been driven in an Audi Rs6 by an Uber driver. In fact, only about 11 can.

In Stockholm, Sweden some lucky riders got to take a ride in the beast capable of 900 horsepower.  John Olsson, a Pro Freeskier, partnered with Uber Stockholm and Betsafe and drove for Uber for free for about 6 hours in his custom RS6 DTM. Once the news of the car got around to users, the requests in the area blew up to 5,000 requests.

Betsafe released a short video of the excitement and of course people were requesting laps with no urgency in getting to their destination. Aside from being in a stunning machine, the ride didn’t accelerate to the excitement you’d hope for in a RS6 but Olsson did manage to ramp up the exhaust in a few tunnels.




Source: MotorTrend

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