Ferrari Designer Envisions Beautiful Spaceship

Historically, Ferraris have always been among the most beautiful cars on the road. Now, Ferrari’s reputation for beauty extends into the sky with Design Director Flavio Manzoni’s newly penned concept spacecraft.


The rendering began as a sketch, evolved into a series of sketches, and eventually became the magnificent final product Manzoni presented to the world. He has long had a passion for science fiction, and as a child in Sarndinia dreamed that UFOs would land on the roof of his apartment complex. In a way, these dreams of the extraterrestrial are manifest today in Ferrari masterpieces such as the F12berlinetta, LaFerrari, and FXX K.


Artistic cues from these vehicles are present in his silvery spaceship, most notably the front splitter from the La Ferrari hybrid hypercar and the tail from the wicked fast FXX K.

This imagined vessel may never become a reality, but it does not mean Manzoni’s exercise is fruitless. Just as race car technology advances the equipment of everyday vehicles, fantasies such as this further the design possibilities for autos that hit city streets.


While the Ferrari spaceship will certainly never make it into production, at least we can relish in Manzoni’s graceful creation and envision it touching down in our backyard, just as he dreamed of UFOs a child in Italy. For now we’ll just have to be satisfied with our Ferrari rocket ships stuck to the ground with four wheels.

Images and source courtesy of FormTrends.

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