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Exclusive Interview: Car Selling Service Carlypso Helps You Buy Your Car Hassle Free

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Got a used car to sell? For most, that means negotiating a trade-in at the local dealership or trying to sell it yourself. Both options are kind of a pain. And most online sites are simply classifieds that refer customers to dealers. This can all be quite overwhelming for the average car owner. But now, a new startup called Carlypso is offering another option.

Carlypso helps people get the best car, at the best price, in a really simple way.

Here is the transcription of TechDrive’s exclusive interview with Chris Coleman, Co-founder, Carlypso.

TD: Why should people use Carlypso? Can you tell our readers more about how your site and technology works?

Carlypso, is the first technology company to sell used cars hassle-free with the largest inventory and best prices. Carlypso sources cars from leasing companies.

Carlypso gets a “first peek” at used cars and can purchase them for a buyer before the vehicle ever heads to a dealer lot. Consumers go to and specify what they are looking for in terms of year, make, model and trim. They immediately see the inventory of used cars that Carlypso can source for them, and put in a request for information on available vehicles right at the site. Within a week, Carlypso delivers the vehicle directly to the consumer, with the service initially available to residents all across California.

carlypso customerTD: What should consumers know before buying or selling a used car? What questions should they be asking themselves? We will find out now, for example future road technology may be something that you would like to invest into in the future, if this is something you want to take into consideration when purchasing a car, then you should check out Future Road Technology Trends To Expect Sooner Than You Think for more information to help you decide.

Like any big purchase, do your research before stepping foot into a dealership or buying online. Here’s what you’ll need to decide:

  • Know exactly the car you want. Don’t just think about general makes and models, but decide on trim level and the options your looking for (these can all impact value).
  • Decide when you’d actually like to purchase the car.

And here’s what you’ll need to research:

  • Research prices by looking at other comparable listings. Note that since options prices, and mileage and hugely impact the price, try to find the closest matches to the car you’re looking for to make a realistic comparison.
  • Research reputable sellers. Not every dealer or vendor is the same. Yelp, Dealer-rater, and eBay all have mechanisms to rate the sellers.
  • Research the car itself. Is the Carfax clean of accidents? To be really sure f this, ask the dealer to use a paint-meter on the car. How many owners did the car have and was it recently serviced? What did the dealership refurbish on the car?

And then make a well-informed choice.

If you find the right car, sold by the right dealership or online seller, then you can start the price discussion. Just remember, you can’t buy a bad car cheap enough.

TD: What interests you about the travel/transport space?

I’ve always been a car fanatic. Growing up I restored, rebuilt, and raced cars, and then went on to work for major car companies – it’s just something in my DNA at this point. Luckily, I’m not unique in my interests, and for many, cars have had a huge influence in an individual’s life. For some its how they get to work, for others it’s a source of income, and for a small subset it’s a fashion or identity statement. There are very few other products that serve so many different needs.

TD: How does your company differ from its competitors?

If you take away one truism – there’s more cars to choose from at better prices.

Carlypso advertises more than 4,000 used cars per week that are generally $2,500 below any traditional dealer offer. Most other auto consumer shopping sites like,, and are just listing active inventory from other dealers. Carlypso purchases the cars before they become dealer inventory, which allows the company to pass the savings directly on to the consumer.

Carlypso collects millions of data points on car prices and can predict supply and demand unbalances leading to amazing deals on selective used cars. “Our data allows us to repeatedly discover treasure troves of great deals and passing the savings on to the consumer,” says Christopher Coleman, co-founder of Carlypso.

TD: What gets you most excited about the startup’s future?

There’s so much untapped potential. Our system, processes, and experiences are still growing and developing and yet things are going very well! We’re selling lots of cars, employees are enjoying themselves, and most importantly our customers are happy.

Given how early it is and how much still needs get done, it’s exciting that there’s so much potential to reinvent in this space.

TD: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

We’re hiring!

About Carlypso

Carlypso is the first technology company to sell used cars hassle-free with the biggest inventory and best prices available. Carlypso finds the best deals on inventory before it goes to the dealer, and passes that savings onto the consumer. An “Amazon for used cars”, Carlypso advertises 4,000 used cars per week that are generally $2,500 below any traditional dealer offer. Carlypso, based in San Carlos, CA, has sold hundreds of cars to date for consumers throughout California and is expanding nationwide.