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DAV: From Deliveries to Driverless Cars – The Future is Here!

The age of Isaac Asimov, from flying cars to global internet and transportation, is fast dawning on us. We are fast entering the realm of science fiction once dreamed of by the likes of science-fiction writers. The rapid advance of technology is matched by the speed of convenience that consumers now enjoy because of it.

To paraphrase Willem Dafoe in Spiderman: We have only scraped the surface of potential for the likes of Blockchain. Recently, the mediums of transport like Taxis and delivery services have become the new platform for innovation. The likes of DAV have opened the door to another realm of science fiction; decentralising what we saw as un-automatable.

DAV – Driverless Taxis and Drone Deliveries on Demand

More than just alliteration, DAV is literally offering a system of delivery and transport like this. Noam Copel, the founder of this company, has the ambition to use one token to move anything/anyone anywhere! And with the scale of buzz that now surrounds the company, excitement for it is palpable for prospective users.

As an open-source marketplace, it seeks to provide users with a method of gaining transport or delivery autonomously. While still in it’s early stages, the premise remains exciting, with advisors from the likes of GM and NASA. 2018 is due to be a watershed year for DAV, and not just because it’s its One-year anniversary.

The first quarter of 2018 will see it attempt to complete a live demonstration of what it wants to make commonplace. The company wants to complete the very first autonomous delivery via drone.

“Once the first drone delivers an online purchase: The transportation industry will never be the same.”

From booking a taxi to ordering a package and even food online: DAV is automating it. Creating a peer-to-peer economy between users, all made possible through the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. By using DAV-tokens, both consumer and provider have a method of providing services within a secure, transparent system.