Cruise Through Your Busy Lifestyle On This Bike

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A bicycle runs on the fat and saves you money. A car runs on money and makes you fat!

My boyfriend and I love driving to work together. Apparently, it’s not just because we want to maximize our time with each other, but also because we can use the commuter lane and reduce our time spent on the road. And one time, I asked him, “What would be more lonely: driving alone or cycling alone?”

An interesting question, isn’t it? I’ve seen a lot of single drivers on the road everyday, and all I can say is that they look sad, or not really enjoy their commute. Another time, I brought this question to one of my coworkers, who bikes to work every day. He rolled his eyes up and said: “Cycling is much more fun. You have fresh air, you have music, and you have a great workout. Ah, you have freedom too. I wouldn’t trade my daily cycle for a boring drive.”

bestianera-monte-carlo-edition-designboom07That’s right! There are plenty of ways to enjoy our life, and biking is one of them. And imagine if you can cruise to place on this bike: the BestiaNera from T°RED, a concept hybrid bike that was born out of a combination of design, innovation, and research. This unique concept offers high-performance, lightweight, technology driven bikes with provocative and attractive designs. It’s here to allow you to cruise the city streets easily and run fast on both the road and the track–all you need to do is choose between possible configurations, just like what you do with a sports car.




bestianera-monte-carlo-edition-designboom12Created by Italian designer Romolo Stanco, this is one hybrid bike you don’t want to mess with. Weighing just about 21 lbs, the BestiaNera Monte Carlo has a monocoque unidirectional carbon fiber frame that is equipped with an exclusive anti-vibration system. It inherits the advantage of the superelastic deformation of nickel titanium elements to reduce vibrations to the handlebars and the saddle. Moreover, the sporty construction, derived from track geometrics, also features an electrical power unit that is fully integrated in the rear hub, enables the rider to cycle the bicycle in full or partial electric mode.




bestianera-monte-carlo-edition-designboom06You can now pre-order the bike at the Labestianera website. The price tag starts at $15,000, so make sure you will keep an eagle eye on it when it’s parked outside.

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