Bosch Brings New UX Technology For Self-Driving To A Tesla Model S

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Since Google introduced its first self-driving car, the idea of driving without actually holding a steering wheel seems to be very attractive. We’ve been talking about how beneficial an autonomous car would be to our cities, how it can help reduce traffic jams and make our on-wheel time more productive. “I think autonomous driving is just going to become normal. Like an elevator. They used to have elevator operators, and then we developed some simple circuitry to have elevators just come to the floor that you’re at, you just press the button,” said Elon Musk in the recent interview with Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.


But not everyone seems to be excited about a car that can drive itself

Despite the wonderful thoughts of cars that can drive us to work, find a parking spot itself, or come to pick you up at any time, we haven’t seen too many people get excited about it. The reason is that because they haven’t had the chance to experience a true self-driving car in reality. Google has been working on its autonomous cars for years, but none of us have had the chance to see how it’s like inside of the car. At CES 2015, Nvidia unveiled its powerful processors for connected cars, but everything has been stopped at the phrase “promising technology”.

Maybe the idea of self-driving is still pretty nebulous.


This is how Bosch sees automated driving as it will likely be in the future

Using a Tesla Model S, Bosch brought us their vision of what a highly automated car and that driving experience will be like in the near future. A huge 17-inch display is a reason for Bosch to choose the Tesla Model S since it’s perfect for the communication between the car and passengers. Automated driving has become a phenomenon that has made massive strides in this industry, it is also looking to be the future of driving. The research project AdaptIVe targeting advances in automated driving technologies has looked at this and is testing the functionalities of automated vehicles to see how they are on the roads and how well they handle.

Bosch’s User Experience method seems to be the most realistic technology in terms of self-driving cars even now. In the video, Philip, a young professional is on his way to the airport. And the way Bosch designed the autonomous user interface is incredibly easy and useful. There are many other features that will make Philip’s journey safe, relaxing, productive, and very entertaining as well.

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