Come Fly With Flightchain – The Decentralised Flying System

Blockchain has proven itself capable of answering a lot of business and disruption-based questions with travel among them. The latter, however, still has some significant bars to entry for small-scale companies with big ideas. In particular, wherever airlines are involved, trying to decentralise anything travel related gets challenging.

But as 2018 hits its second quarter, the prospects become more likely as headway happens. Flightchain has made significant progress, making a dent in the travel industry, especially for how blockchain is applied. Why is this so groundbreaking for 2018? Because while airlines know they want blockchain in the periphery of their business’ vision.

It’s only now that a multi-company team has been developed to bring forward a real-world application.

On a wing and a Chain – Flightchain

With a cross-site agreement between London’s Heathrow, Geneva, and Miami, research is being carried out. All in an attempt to see how blockchain can function for future air travel, dubbed ‘Flightchain.’ The research is also to see whether a ‘single source of truth’ is possible for sharing data between sites where necessary.

The SITA lab has this research as just one of its areas, including its ongoing observation of blockchain startups. Assessing how certain viable types will be within the airline industry for the foreseeable future, with Ethereum and Hyperledger chains being studied.

How Flightchain is streamlining passenger travel

Enjoying its test run at London’s Heathrow airport, using a unique mixture of technology to optimise air-travel for passengers. It allows for fast movement of information while ensuring its longer-term security. Along with biometrics, those travelling would only need to be identified at the start of their journey.

The use of blockchain and hyperledger mean that any conflicting information such as multiple bookings is automatically arbitrated. As the research and testing continue, this could mean passengers can check-in without a passport. While never having to worry about their information being compromised.